DS30 Manifesto

DS30 Manifesto

Fuel Foundation of the Nation
The heart of an island
Built on a bedrock of coal
An eternal grave

Industrial sabotage and wanton destruction
The rich seam of corporate privilege
A doctrine designed to shock
Political Social Cleansing

From Deep Coal to Data Mining
Beneath the earth Behind the screen
Fear and Oppression
Inequality Insecurity

Industrial heartlands
Urban poundlands
Zero production
Zero hours contracts
Short termism profit and greed

Cumulative impact Assessment
No Pity No Shame No Future
Sterility and safety
Systematic deregulation

Cult of the individual
Removed and isolated
The aspirational vision
Racketeering and protection
Within a criminally unjust system


Lest we forget
Better ways
Pride Community
Collective Action
Shoulder to Shoulder