TD Live in Poland

Test Dept @ SoundEdit Festival
Friday 04/11/22
The Soundedit International Music Producers Festival will be held in November this time.
The first festival announcement is a set of bands for which the phrase "musical compromise" means as much as nothing.
On November 4 (Friday) Deserter will appear at the Factory Club.
Anarchists from the UK will perform next to the Polish group: Bad Breeding, Interrobang?! , Test Dept. Postpunk countries will join them: Shame! and the Dagger Band.
Soundedit Festival is 14 years old.
Through all the previous editions, the event has been characterized by innovation, creativity, a high level of performing artists and trainings motivating to improve or start a job in the music industry.
This year the organizers prepared, as usual, a lot of attractions.
The first of them is the day when punk rock of all its characters will take over the Label stage.
Soundedit '22 - Dezerter, Interrobang?!, Bad Breeding, Test Dept., Hańba!, Zespół Sztylety
Test Dept
Zespół Sztylety
Klub Wytwórnia