Total State Machine Hard Back Box Set

The Total State Machine Hard Back Box Set is now available from PC-Press,
it is limited to 250 copies and comes with a set of extra items.

Total State Machine Book Launch at Rough Trade East

Rough Trade East present Test Dept/PC-Press – Book launch on Thursday 16th July from 7pm to 9pm and features a live reworking of Test Dept classic material by Scanner.

The line-up for the event is as follows:
7pm Q&A with Paul Jamrozy, Gray Cunnington, Robin Rimbaud, Peter Webb, chaired by Luke Turner of The Quietus
7.40pm Live performance – Scanner’s unique Live re-working of Test Dept classics.
9.00pm store closes.

Test Dept Film and Book Launch Tour

Test Dept head for the Industrial Heartlands of Britain in a series of events in June & July.
They will present the DS30 film and rare footage and video from the TD Archive, alongside the Total State Machine Book Launch.
Guest speakers, Q & A and DJ events.

Faces of Freedom (Toxic Brand)

No to Austerity
The Fight Goes On!
Faces of Freedom (Toxic Brand)
MP3 Austerity Free Download

Scanner/Shelley Parker Mixes & Video @ Total State Machine Book Launch Event

Scanner/Shelley Parker Mixes and Live Video from Total State Machine Book Launch Event @ Ritzy

Test Dept Total State Machine Book Launch Event

An evening of Industrial Agitation, Traversing the Experimental Terrain, Submerging in Bass frequencies with Test Dept, Scanner and Shelley Parker

Seminar and Book Launch: Birmingham

Hedonism for Hard Times:
Fun and Games in Collapsing New Britain
Launch After Event at Vivid -
DJ 's Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire/Wrangler) and Test Dept DJ/VJ (20:00 - 02:00)

Video: Total State Machine Book Launch
Total State Machine The book is launched on April 23rd 2015, there will be numerous related events throughout the spring in the UK
April 23rd @ Ritzy – DS30 / Q&A / Total State Machine book launch

A screening of the Test Dept film DS30 at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton, London. DS30 was originally produced by Test Dept for the AV Festival 2014. The flilm is accompanied by a selection of archive material of the group on film and video and will be followed by a Q & A with founding members Graham Cunnington, Angus Farquhar and Paul Jamrozy. This event also celebrates the release of the book ‘Total State Machine’, a major historical document and visual representation of Test Dept, published by PC-Press. There will be a launch event following the screening. Scanner will be participating in the Q & A and performing at the Book Launch.
Photo © Colin Davison

Press – The Quietus

The Quietus:
"Early industrialists Test Dept have announced the release of a new book, Total State Machine, which will portray the history of the radical experimental group. The book will be launched in March 2015 via PC Press and will feature artwork, photography and documentary images along with chapters of reflections from members of Cabaret Voltaire and Laibach amongst others."