Ecstacy Under Duress (1983)
  • Hunger
  • Compulsion
  • In Uniform
  • Slow Hunger
  • Spring Into Action
  • Gdansk
  • Shockwork
  • Efficiency
  • On Pain
  • Beating Retreat

ECSTACY UNDER DURESS (Pleasantly Surprised, 29-XI-84,1984) 1000-copy limited edition MC in cloth bag with photographs (second edition in cardboard sleeve), reissued as (Total TFI, 1 TFL 2, 1991) CD, and as (ROIR, 8213, 1995) CD.

Originally released as a cassette in 1983, TD's second release after their original cassette (HISTORY- THE STRENGTH OF METAL IN MOTION) and including some of the tracks from that release.

It was a collection of live material and a few tentative studio dabblings. Capturing the raw energy of the groups early performances it features recordings of some of the groups first underground events. The legendary ARCH 69 show under Waterloo station on a saturday afternoon was followed up by the nearby TITAN ARCH show a few months later. This time the Metropolitan Police raided the venue and arrested the entire audience and the group for organising an illegal event. TD's reputation for the risky and unpredictable was forged and they continued to utilise industrial sites and found locations whenever and wherever possible.

Recorded At:

Hunger - Brittania Row Studios, London
Compulsion / Shockwork - Heaven, Charing Cross, London
In Uniform / Spring Into Action - Retford Porterhouse
Slow Hunger - Henry Wood Hall, S.N.O Centre, Glasgow
Gdansk - Batcave, Gargoyle Club, Soho, London
Efficiency / Beating Retreat - Arch 69, Waterloo, London
On Pain - Temperance Hall, Newbury

All Recorded Between 1982 and 1983

Artwork – Photo on Hessian Sack – Chris Barclay / Cardboard Sleeve – Steve Pyke

Ecstacy Under Duress – hessian sack cover