The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom (1986)
  • Fuckhead
  • 51st State of America
  • Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • Fist
  • Statement
  • The Crusher
  • Victory
  • Corridor Of Cells
  • The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom - Face 1 *
  • The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom - Face 2 *
  • The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom - Face 3 *

A collaboration between Test Dept (sound) and Malcom Poynter (visuals).

Ken Thomas / Test Dept (production) Alan Sutcliffe, Kent NUM ('Statemen't) Max (organ -' Corridor of Cells') Phill Erb (programming -' Fist') Alistair Adams (bagpipes -' Fuckhead' / 'Victory') Ben Young (engineering) Brett Turnbull / Monica Curtin (photography) Paul White / Malcom Poynter (original sleeve design) Nuetrament ('Face 1') Rico ('Face 2')

'THE UNACCEPTABLE FACE OF FREEDOM' released on Some Bizzare in 1986 was the second 'MINISTRY OF POWER' collaboration. It involved the artist MALCOM POYNTER whose sculptures formed the basis for the award winning album cover. His work used toy soldiers and guns to sculpt large scale figures such as his awesome 'Horsemen of the Apocalypse'.

It was also the name of a massive event held at BR's Bishobsbridge Maintenance Depot at Paddington to commemorate the demise of the Greater London Council (undemocratically abolished by Margaret Thatchers Tory Government because of its radical programme), it was the beginning of a flowering relationship between the 'Railway Children' and the National Railways. Decorated with Sculpture from Malcom Poynter, dance from legendary choreographer Jacob Marley and the Company of Cracks, poetry from the radical miner Alan Sutcliffe, script by playwright Jonathan Moore, directed by Teddy Kiendl, set designed by Tom Dixon (now head designer at Habitat), banners by 53rd State Banner Co, brass played and conducted by John Eacott of Big Band Loose tubes and 360 degrees audio and visuals from infamous soundman 'Mad' Jack Balchin and acclaimed directors Brett Turnbull and Martine Thoquenne, gymnastics and pyrotechnics from Ra Ra Zoo. It was a truly awsome underground event featuring the cream of talent of a generation. The Ministry of Power was born. It was the first ever 'rave' in the UK and is still the benchmark for large scale site specific work in Britain.

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