Terra Firma (1988)
  • Nadka
  • Siege
  • Current Affairs
  • Dark Eyes
  • Terra Firma: I. Terrae Motus - The Earth Moves
  • Terra Firma: II. Surgit Ventus - The Wind Rises
  • Terra Firma: III. Natura Victus - Nature Victorious

Produced by Test Dept / Rico Conning
Recorded at Daylight Studios, Brussels and Pavillion, London
Engineered by Patrick Hubart. Mixed at Guerilla, London

Test Dept augmented by:
Alistair Adams (bagpipes); Neil Starr (percussion / accordian); Rico Conning (piano); Paul Jones (voice); Catherine Jauniaux (voice); Claudine Steenackers (cello); Paul Mardikian (double bass)

Terra Firma Rear